Nipco™ I Calender

Efficiency through innovation

The NIPCO™ I calender is an outstanding development of flexibility and efficiency in calender processing. The combination of a free rotating sleeve, TopTech 3™ or Steel with our selective pressure adjustment in the width, will always prevent burning and marking of the sleeve edges.

The pressure is effective in only the requested zones, no other system in the market can compete with this function. Other sleeves, when slid on, will over time start frictioning resulting in weft distortion.

Guarneri Technology Guarneri Technology


An outstanding innovative development is the NIPCO™ system width adjustment.

The motorised system will give a line pressure where it is needed, to suit the fabric width.

The motorised system can be programmed to load the pressure suit the fabric width, retracting the sleeve to avoid contact between sleeve and heated roller, preventing edge damage.

Guarneri Technology
* possible by changing rolls
  1. with elastic counter-roll
  2. possible by changing tubes

Your advantage:

  • Uniform line pressure distribution in the nip over the fabric width.
  • Adjustable pressing width to suit change of fabric width under pressure without stopping production.
  • Thermal relief of the sleeve next to the fabric by retraction forces, variable setting to prevent burning out and edge marking of the sleeve.
  • Stepless selectable line pressure in the nip.
  • Easy installation and change of any sleeve under consideration by our cantilever systems.
  • Same sleeve for the complete range of your fabrics in different widths.