Nipco™ L and NIPCO® Chaising Calender

The optimal combination

Textile fabrics out of cotton or linen, like down proof, damask, mattress drill or bed lien have been finished since many years on so called mangling or "Bettle" equipment, the target: soft, full handling with elegant glazing and "deep results", means not only a surface finishing, but a finishing with effect of depth!

The answer has been given by the so called "Chaising Technology", in which the woven cloth is packed in 5 - 7 layers from inside to outside in those 4 resp. 6 nips, one on the other. Warp and weft threads grip into each other and are not "over pressed" but ideally fulled. A result , the yarn is given natural "roundness" and this means mangling and full grip. In Chaising calenders a Steel bowl is never used, only soft calender rolls like cotton.

If such a Chaising unit is combined with a so called pre calender unit, like NIPCO™ L with its possibilities of independent pressure setting in two independent nips, you will reach your optimised result, which will not find any technical alternative.

NIPCO™ Chaising calender

Your advantage:

  • All 5 bowls cylindrical
  • NIPCO™ bowls in top and bottom position to avoid deflection and bowl crowning
  • Pressure adjusting in accordance with the known NIPCO® technology
  • All rolls in same diameters which is most important to the expected result
  • Unique web guiding in in feed and out feed to avoid wrinkles
  • Special web guiding to avoid any elongation, which requires a specific
  • Know how of all Engineers being involved
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