Nipco™ Y Multiflex


Optimal effects through 3 separate operated pressure levels in one single working process

NIPCO™ MULTIFLEX™ the first 5 bowled calender with two hard nips Steel and two soft nips combined.

Cotton/Cotton , the same basis equipment to be used as MULTIFLEX™ embossing calende exchanging both Steel bowls by two engraved bowls with individual design. Most interesting for automotive applications, f,e, embossing seat covers, even with 3 embossed bowls to be combined instead of those cotton bowls undereath.

Your advantage:

  • Universal calender with high production speeds
  • Up to 5 bowls, max 3 pressure lines each pressure line individual controlled and independent controlled across the width
  • No more pre calendering as all requested results are now combined in one machine
  • More glaze, more lustre, more textile handling and more softness as ever prior on a calender reached
  • 16 different fabric passages, each pressure line individual controlled via proportional valves
  • All functions controlled and reselectable by Siemens S7 software
  • Multi purpose embossing unit with 3 embossed Steel bowls, each individual to be selected

Those 5 bowls of this new generation of Guarneri Technology NIPCO™ MULTIFLEX™ calender offers this possibility to select between 16 combination of fabric passages. Imagine, what it means using the NIPCO™ Technology in its defined nip configuration for embossing effects, acting as a REVOLVER calender with all together 3 different design selectable withot changing bowls.

All nips are controlled by this well known NIPCO™ system combined with one soft nip cotton/cotton, as to where a small diameter cotton bowl is acting one enlarged cotton bowl, reaching a result close to frictioning, means highest density and most softened handle.

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