NIPCO™ HOT Roll System
Especially for applications which requires higher roll surface temperatures on the roll surface, we developed the NIPCO™ HOT roll system. Based on the proven NIPCO™ principle, the deflection of the steel shell is compensated by hydrostatic pistons on the NIPCO™ HOT roll. As a result, the linear forces can be set very precisely, even in hot applications and adapted to the conditions down to the micrometer range. Even if the requirements in the nip change due to a new product or a different fabric width, our customers are able to adapt the line force exactly to the new conditions.
The NIPCO™ HOT roller system can be used up to a surface temperature of 300°C.
It is also possible to equip this roller system with a zone control according to the HT principle, which further improves the adjustment options, especially in the edge area.

The independent pressure control zones are operated by special valves for diathermic oil up to 300°C complete with: opening regulation through electric or pneumatic system, position transducer and analogue pressure gauge. Valves are installed on the inlet oil pipes of the NIPCO™ roller. The system is operated by PLC. Operator can select through the touch panel the working mode between linear pressure or differentiated pressure. By linear pressure mode the NIPCO™ Hot works against the steel roller using a single pressure value over the entire width while with differentiated pressure it is possible to have up to 8 different pressures each of them independently adjustable.

GT can supply various unwinding and winding units, from the simple unit consisting of motorized axial column with electro/pneumatic brake or with motorized units with the possibility to work by “A” frame or reels with self-supporting system and automatic centering system.