Nipco™ HT

High Technology for Technical Textiles

More and more , we are receiving enquires for individual pressure settings across material width. Whether filtration, sail cloth, para shooting or product for medical applications, customers want to have at least that possibility to vary pressures according to material specific demands across the width.

Our answer: to adapt all experience from paper finishing by our license partner Voith Paper® to textile and technical textiles. Area controlled pressure setting in standard 7 zones resp. specific according to customers demand, even piston by piston can be realised. This is in combination with our Full-Flex TopTech 3® sleeve will guarantee full flexibility making use of the minimised e-modul in comparison to a system as to where those sleeves are either shrinked on or coated direct on the system steel body.

We combined this development with general increase of line load up to 400 N/mm, selectable sleeve qualities, such as TopTech 3® or Steel.

Our latest development: Your Benefit To Become Market Leader In Precision!!

How to use the NIPCO™ roller width setting

Your advantage:

  • Individual zone controlled pressure setting
  • Pre selecting of required pressured line profile
  • Reacting on edge elongation by zone controlled pressure reducing.
  • Motorised variation of in feed angle to the nip; pre heating of your materials prior to the calender nip
  • Easy exchange of sleeves, Thermoplast, Duroplast or Steel according to your specific products demands
  • On request: full automatisation of all calender operational settings supported by our S7 Siemens computer systems